HydroFlex HKM 400-DN25

System module with 4-way mixer and integrated electronics

Pre-wired system module with integrated electronics, compatible with grandis 650 HK via BUS cable Twin-line pump group, tube spacing 125 mm, equipped with a high-efficiency pump Class A. Supply line and return flow ball valve with thermometer handle 0 – 120 °C. The return flow ball valve is equipped with an adjustable gravity brake. Thanks to the 4-way bivalent mixer installed, two different heat sources (e.g. two levels of a buffer storage tank) can be used particularly efficiently. Based on Tuxhorn tubra® - duotherm pump module. Pre-assembled, pre-wired, tested for leaks, optimum thermal insulation, with integrated electronics.
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1402HS-HKG06-1A-G HydroFlex HKM400 DN25
1402HS-HKG09-1A-G HydroFlex HKM400 DN25 without display

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General Details

Eigenschaften Heizkreisstation mit Bivalent-Mischer

  • Wilo HE pump, Class A, delivery height 6 m
  • 4-way bivalent mixer with drive, air-cooled
  • System connections 1″ female thread
  • 2 thermometers for indicating supply and return line temperature 0 – 120°C
  • Supply line and return line ball cock with thermometer handle
  • Integrated gravity brake
  • The mixer and the pump can be replaced without the system needing to be emptied
  • High-grade insulation cases
  • Compact design
  • Wall mounting material
  • Tube clearance 125 mm
  • Integrated display for indicating values
  • Plug-in bus connection
  • No other materials required
  • Can be combined with HydroFlex HKM 300 – DN25
Technische Daten

Technical data of the Tuxhorn tubra® dualtherm pump module

Nominal width:DN25Nominal rating:Kvs 10
Clearance between supply line and return line:125 mmOpening pressure per gravity brake:20 mbar
Connection:G1½" on the boiler side and Rp 1" on the heating line sideMedia:heating water according to VDI 2035
Pump connection:for pumps with 1½" ext. thread, overall length180 mmActuator:230 V, running time at 90° angle of rotation: 147 seconds
Temperature measuring range of analog indicators:0 - 120°CDimensions incl. insulation:H x W x D in mm 450 x 250 x 185
Max. operating temperature:115°CConveying:depends on the pump installed
Max. operating pressure:3 barProtectiton class:IP44 according to IEC529

Technical data of the control system

Operating voltage:AC 230 Volt, 50 Hz, -10 to +15%Protection class of the terminal:IP30 according to DIN 40050, EN 60529
Mains cable:Earthing pin plug, with 2m mains cableProtection class of the IO unit:IP44 according to DIN 40050, EN 60529
Standby consumption:1 WAmbient termperature:0 to +40°C
Display:LCDStorage temperature:-10 to +60°C
Bus connection:each with 1 XLR plug and socketHousing material:100% recyclable ABS housing
Dimensions of the terminal:H x W x D in mm 144 x 102 x 11