grandis 650 HK – Digital Heating and Solar Circuits Controller

Heating and Solar circuits controller grandis 650 HK

Thegrandis 650 HK highly flexible heating and solar circuits controller for the control of complete heating systems Two integrated heating circuits (up to four when flex 400 extension modules are connected). Weather-compensated, mixed or unmixed, with automatic boiler demand.
Various pre-defined solar diagrams and integrated multi-function controllers for flexible system extension.
Article Description
1336GRANDIS650-HK-2A-G grandis 650 HK
1336GRANDIS650-HK-MOD-2A-G grandis 650 HK MOD Modbus
1336GRANDIS650-WN-2A-G grandis 650 WN local and district heat

General Details
  • Comfortable and intuitive user interface with 4 menus for monitoring and controlling and 4 operating buttons
  • LED-backlit LCD graphic display
  • Micro SD-card interface
  • Data logging (data storage)
  • Hot water preparation
  • Suitable for use with modulating or on/off output heaters
  • Each heating circuit can be assigned to the inputs and outputs of an extension module flex 400
  • Time window with reduction, increase or OFF. Week overview and holiday switching
  • „Comfort operation” for the most important functions
  • Room control and remote operation (navo 400)
  • Up to three room sensors/room actuators per heating circuit
  • Screed heating
  • Cascade circuit
  • Mixer with 230V or analog actuation
  • Prozeda-Bus for:
    – Internet connection, remote visualization and remote
    maintenance (conexio 200 web module)
    – Remote control (navo 400 remote and room control unit)
    – Extension of up to 4 heating circuits (flex 400)
  • System specific parameter setup (storage and loading of parameter sets)
  • Logging of settings and parameters
  • Time programs, party and holiday modes
  • 15 pre-defined solar diagrams (can be switched off)
  • External heat exchanger and bypass-function
  • “Parallel charging” function (for 2 or more storage tanks)
  • Solar radiation evaluation
  • „Storage tank priority” function
  • Storage tank with lower priority can be deactivated
  • Tube collector function with adjustable time slot
  • Drain-Back function, time and radiation controlled
  • Protection functions, such as system protection, anti-freeze protection, collector protection and flow monitoring
  • Storage tank cooling via heating circuit
  • Parameters remain consistent even after a power outage
  • Service and status messages with flashing symbols and acoustic warning signals
  • Energy yield measurement (flow sensor, vortex flow sensor, flow indicator)
  • Multi-function controllers with various pre-programmed controller functions
  • The flex 400 modules extend these to maximum of:
    19 outputs 230V AC
    7 PWM or 0-10V analog outputs
    6 interfaces for yield measurement
    26 temperature inputs PT1000
  • Intelligent pump speed control. Minimum and maximum value adjustable
  • Target temperature charging (heat source min. temp.)
Technical Data
Operating voltage:AC 230 Volt, 50 Hz, –10 to +15 %Interfaces:RS 485 for ProBusX
Standby consumption:1,0 WInputs:10 temperature inputs for temperature sensors PT 1000, measuring range: –30 °C bis +250°C
1 radiation sensor input
2 interfaces for VFS sensor
Temperature control class:VIIIProtection:Microfuse TR 5 Typ 372, 4 A/T (4 A, slow)
Correction factor:5 %Ambient temperature:0 bis +40 °C
7 outputs:Electronic semiconductor relay, 230 V AC, 50 Hz,
min. 10 mA, max. 150 W, with cos φ >=0,9
Storage temperature:–10 bis +60 °C
1 output R0:Relay, potential-free normally open contact,
max. 250 V AC / 1 A
Housing material:100 % recyclable ABS housing
3 control outputs for HE pumps:PWM-signal: 1kHz, ViL < 0,5 V DC, ViH > 9 V DC, 10 mA max.
Analog signal: 0 …+10 V DC +/– 3%, 10 mA max.
Dimensions:L x B x T in mm 176 × 162 × 44
Total output of all outputs:max. 300 WProtection class:IP30 according to DIN 40050, EN 60529