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Our Product Portfolio

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    Control systems

    Prozeda stands for all-round competence in control engineering – whether it be for heating controllers, solar controllers, fresh water controllers or circulation controllers, we have everything well under control. We stand ready with the full scope of our know-how to help you on everything from single projects to the production of large series.

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    Fresh water stations

    Prozeda supplies fresh water stations with integrated controllers for detached and semi-detached houses. The stations are ready for installation and already *pre-cabled* and *configured*. With and without circulation circuit. Cascadable with the help of the Prozeda cascade controller.

    Prozeda also supplies individual solutions for the control of fresh water stations. Prozeda fresh water controllers are compatible with all fresh water stations and draw-off capacities, include PWM outputs for actuating high-efficiency pumps, feature integrated data logging and allow remote access via network or internet via our conexioportal.

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    House and apartment stations

    When it comes to systems technology for the use of local and district heat, we also offer the complete range of equipment from Prozeda: House and apartment stations which are ready for both operation and connection, with an integrated system controller and heating circuit stations.

    Our mixed heating circuit stations with accompanying integrated electronics and plug-and-play principle are pre-assembled, pre-wired, tested for leaks and provide optimum thermal insulation. Via our we also offer the option of telemaintenance and remote control as well as monitoring for your systems.

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    Heating circuit stations

    Our mixed heating circuit stations come with integrated electronics (ready for connection – no additional electrical installation work required), are ready for installation and fully pre-wired and tested for leaks.

    Communication with the heating circuit controller is via bus cable. This reduces the amount of work involved enormously and eliminates wiring errors.

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    We gladly undertake reverse engineering or re-engineering for electronic subassemblies for our customers. This is based on our many years of experience in the development of in-house and customer-specific products in the fields of hardware & software. Along with a no-obligation quotation, we also carry out feasibility studies, function tests and release tests and also produce prototypes including documentation.

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We work continuously at channelling new ideas into our processes and products. Our goals are accordingly demanding: To develop better and more efficient solutions that have what it takes to assert themselves on the world market.


Production-accompanying quality checks and a 100% computer-aided final inspection make sure that our products display a consistently high level of quality.

Customer orientation

We work closely with our customers throughout the formation process. Loyalty and fairness are important cornerstones of our long-standing customer relationships.


Our development work is aimed at making efficient use of energy and minimising the related side effects for man and nature. In addition we give preference to environment-friendly materials and processes.