grandis-i – Heating and solar circuits controller

Heating and solar circuits controller grandis-i

The grandis-i is a highly flexible heating and solar circuits controller for the control of complete heating systems. It can handle two integrated heating circuits (up to 4 when flex 400 extension modules are connected). Weather-compensated, mixed or unmixed, with automatic boiler demand.
Various pre-defined solar diagrams and integrated multi-function controllers for flexible system extension.
Article Description
1336GRANDIS-i-1A-G grandis-i Industrial

General Details
  • Up to 4 heating circuits
  • Industrial design with IP65 protection level
  • Hot water preparation
  • Generous wiring space
  • Sturdy terminal blocks
  • Built-in web module conexio 200 for remote visualization and remote maintenance
  • Hot water preparation
  • Suitable for use with modulating or on/off output heaters
  • Data logging (data storage)
  • “Comfort operation” for the most important functions
  • Time programs, party and holiday modes
  • LED-backlit LCD graphic display
  • Micro SD-card interface
  • Firmware update
  • Room control and remote operation (navo 400)


Technical data
Operating voltage:AC 230 Volt, 50 Hz, –10 to +15 %Interfaces:RS 485 for ProBusX / Modbus
Standby consumption:1,0 WInputs:10 temperature inputs for temperature sensors PT 1000 (protected by varistors), measuring range: –30 °C to +250°C
1 radiation sensor input
2 interfaces for VFS sensor
Temperature control class:VIIIProtection:Microfuse TR 5 Typ 372, 4 A/T (4 A, slow)
Correction factor:5%Ambient temperature:0 to +40 °C
6 outputs:Relay, 230 V AC, 50 Hz, min. 10mA, max. 150 W, with cos f >=0,9Storage temperature:–10 to +60 °C
1 output RO:Relay, potential-free normally open contact,
max. 250 V AC / 1 A
Housing material:100 % recyclable ABS housing
Total output of all outputs:max. 300 WDimensions:L x W x D in mm 250 × 160 × 92
3 control outputs for HE pumps:PWM signal: 1kHz, ViL < 0,5 V DC, ViH > 9 V DC, 10 mA max.
Analogsignal: 0 …+10 V DC +/– 3%, 10 mA max.
Protection class:IP65 according to DIN 40050, EN 60529