What motivates us

"... can best be seen in our products themselves.
They unite the fascination of technology with our personal objectives, which are: the prudent use of ever dwindling resources and the creation of jobs at our location."

Hans Mohnkorn and
Manfred Hirschmann


What Prozeda stands for

From the initial idea to the technical support - what we offer our customers is 100% Prozeda at all times.

All the regulating and controlling units are ours alone, designed, developed and manufactured right here in our company. In everything we do, our guiding principles are innovation, customer orientation and quality.

It is our constant endeavor to ensure that new ideas and thoughts gain entry to our processes and products. We set ourselves high standards, since we know this is the only way to develop better and more efficient solutions which will be successful on the world market.

Customer orientation
We work in close cooperation with our customers throughout the process of product creation. We see loyalty and fairness as the cornerstones of any long-term business relationship.

Quality controls throughout the production process and a 100% computer-supported final check guarantee the consistent and exceptionally high quality of our products.

The result is a company with a unique character. Our know-how enables us to create products which correspond precisely to our customers' ideas and requirements.

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