The SOLAREG II Vision plus is a solar circuit controller for the complete control of solar power systems.

The convenient supplement - additional functions compared to the Solareg II Energy

The integrated multi-function controller allows flexible expansion of the system functions.

Also available as 12V/DC-Version

Available accessories:

  • Temperature sensor PT1000
  • Clip-on temperature sensor PT1000
  • Yield measurement set (incl. pipe sensor PT1000)
  • Grundfos VFS
  • Mains cables
  • Pump cables
  • Overvoltage protection box (additional overvoltage protection against lightning strikes)
  • Immersion sleeves


  • Comfortable and intuitive user interface with 4 operating buttons
  • Temperature differential control with adjustable, digital control values
  • 5 pre-defined solar diagrams - up to 2 collectors, up to 2 storage tanks
  • Energy yield measurement (impeller flow sensor, vortex flow sensor)
  • Intelligent pump speed control
  • "Storage tank priority" function. Configurable priorities
  • Tube collector function with adjustable time slot
  • Holiday mode (recooling)
  • real-time clock with power reserve
  • 3 outputs 230V AC
  • 6 temperature inputs for PT1000
  • Protective functions, such as system protection, collector protection, anti-freeze and flow monitoring
  • Service and status messages with flashing symbols in the display
  • Manual mode
  • Parameters remain consistent even after a power outage
  • Control of different types of solar power systems with pre-defined solar circuit layouts
  • A3 can be used as a multi-function controller, programmable

System schematics

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