The SOLAREG II Energy is a solar circuit controller for the complete control of solar power systems.

Compared to the Solareg II Basic, it has been supplemented by the reheating and thermostat function, as well as the tube collector function.

Available accessories:

  • Temperature sensor PT1000
  • Clip-on temperature sensor PT1000
  • Yield measurement set (incl. pipe sensor PT1000)
  • Mains cables
  • Pump cables
  • Overvoltage protection box (additional overvoltage protection against lightning strikes)
  • Immersion sleeves


  • Comfortable and intuitive user interface with 4 operating buttons
  • Temperature differential control with adjustable, digital control values
  • 1 pre-defined solar diagram - 1 collector, 1 storage tank or swimming pool
  • Energy yield measurement (flow sensor)
  • Intelligent pump speed control
  • Tube collector function, time-controlled
  • Holiday mode (recooling)
  • 2 outputs 230V AC
  • 4 temperature inputs for PT1000
  • Protective functions, such as system protection, collector protection and flow monitoring
  • Service and status messages with flashing symbols in the display
  • Manual mode
  • Parameters remain consistent even after a power outage
  • Control of solar power systems with a solar circuit

System schematics

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