REGULA primos 600

The primos 600 is a flexible solar circuits controller for the control of solar heating systems.

Temperature difference controller with multiple system diagrams and integrated multi-function controllers for flexible system extension.

3 outputs 230V AC
2 PWM or 0-10V analog outputs for HE pumps

1 potential free output
1 interface for VFS sensor
1 radiation sensor input
6 temperature inputs PT1000

Available accessories:

  • Temperature sensor PT1000
  • Radiation sensor
  • Yield measurement set (incl. pipe sensor PT1000)
  • Grundfos VFS
  • Mains cables
  • Pump cables
  • Overvoltage protection box (additional overvoltage protection against lightning strikes)
  • Immersion sleeves
  • conexio web module for remote control and remote visualization of controller data
  • convisopro (evaluation software)
  • Micro SD card


  • Intuitive operating menu with plain-text, graphic symbols and four operating buttons
  • Adjustable control values
  • Illuminated LCD-display
  • Intelligent speed control of the solar pump via PWM, analogue signal or 230V block modulation
  • Tube collector function with adjustable time slots
  • Drain-Back function
  • Integrated operating hours counter for storage tank charging
  • Integrated energy yield measurement; input flow rate or optional flow meter (Impeller wheel sensor, Grundfos VFS)
  • Storage of all values even at long term power failure
  • Various protection functions, such as system protection, collector protection, anti-freeze protection, recooling and flow monitoring
  • Generous wiring space
  • Four multi functional controllers (MFR) with three freely selectable controller functions each
  • Extensive functions for system monitoring. Malfunctions are displayed by flashing fault symbols
  • Intelligent primary and secondary charging
  • RS485-interface (ProBus). Networking of additional Prozeda controllers, remote access to all controller configurations and collected values, data logging, firmware update function etc.
  • Micro SD-Card interface for storing and reading of collected values, operating data and system states (data logging), firmware update, reading and loading of configurations

System schematics

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