Very often for larger freshwater systems, a cascade is used from several small freshwater stations. Thereby, the central regulator actively controls the enabling and function of the individual station regulators (FWR M600). The enabling is calculated, by means of the actual station load of the stations already switched on and switches other stations, or switches off stations already switched on. In this manner, the exact number of stations necessary are always in operation.

Erratic changes in requirements are detected in the flow of cold water and multiple stations are simultaneously switched on or off, depending on the preselected parameters. The basis for the control are the ambient parameters, such as the accumulator, temperature of the cold water and warm water, as well as the rate of flow that are detected and displayed for monitoring. Furthermore, a function check of the system is also possible and the regulator adjusted to the number of stations.


  • Higher dynamics of the overall system
  • Simple extension
  • Redundancy in the complete system
  • Use of existing standard components
  • Uniform operating hour utilization
  • Low quantity of wiring required
  • Function control
  • Freshwater stations FWR-M600 can be appropriately configured for cascading
  • Trouble-free switching of the stations, also when switching back
  • Option of software update and data logging via a data interface

System schematics

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