HydroCon SOLT 15-650: Pre-wired solar separation unit with integrated solar and heating circuit control unit REGULA grandis 650 HK

Equipped with a high-efficiency pump class A from Wilo
Flow meter in the solar circuit and buffer circuit
Heat exchanger for 15 kW
For collector surfaces up to 25 m2

Pre-wired for direct operation

Station also available without controller
(HydroCon SOLT 15)

Charging station - All advantages at a glance

  • Optimum heat transfer due to plate heat exchanger
  • For systems with buffer accumulator
  • Buffer accumulator remains maximally cool in the lower area
  • Maximal solar outflow temperatures are reached due to the speed-controlled flow rate
  • Filling and flushing device
  • Even in the case of diffuse solar radiation, the maximum solar yield is guaranteed by the speed control and optimal heat transfer via the plate heat exchanger
  • Integrated flow transmitter and temperature sensor
  • Safety fittings

Integrated grandis 650 HK* control unit

  • Clearly arranged operating menus with full-text display, graphic symbols and four control buttons
  • Illuminated LCD graphic display
  • Micro SD card interface
  • Data logging with record function
  • External temperature controlled heating circuits with flexible curve setting, automatic boiler demand, water heating
  • Weekly programs and holiday mode
  • Prozeda bus for:
  • Internet connection, remote visualisation and remote maintenance (conexio 200 web module)
  • Remote control (navo 400 room control unit)
  • Extension up to four mixed or unmixed external temperature controlled heating circuits via external flex 400 modules
  • Extensive functions for system monitoring
  • IIntegrated energy yield measurement (flywheel sensor, VFS, flow indicator)
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Target temperature charging (minimum temp. heat source)
  • "Pool switch-off“ (storage tank can be deactivated)
  • Tube collector function with adjustable release time window
  • Drain-Back function, time and radiation controlled
  • Protective functions such as system protection, anti-freeze protection, recooling and through-flow monitoring
  • Storage of all value even in the event of a power failure