HydroCon SOLT 15-650

Solar Separation Unit

Pre-wired system sub-assembly with integrated solar and heating circuit control unit grandis 650 HK
Equipped with a high-efficiency pump class A from Wilo. Flow meter in the solar circuit and buffer circuit. Heat exchanger for 15 kW. For collector surfaces up to 25 m. Pre-wired for direct operation.
Article Description
1401HS-SOLT15-650-1A-G HydroCon SOLT 15-650, solar separation unit
1401HS-SOLT15-1A-G Solar separation unit without controller

General Details


  • Optimum heat transfer due to plate heat exchanger
  • For systems with buffer accumulator
  • Buffer accumulator remains maximally cool in the lower area
  • Maximal solar outflow temperatures are reached due to the speed-controlled flow rate
  • Even in the case of diffuse solar radiation, the maximum solar yield is guaranteed by the speed control and optimal heat transfer via the plate heat exchanger
  • Integrated flow transmitter and temperature sensor
  • Filling and flushing device
  • Safety fittings


Technical Data

Technical Data Charging Station

Dimensions:W x H x D in mm: 496 x 930 x 325Solar pump:Yonos Para HU 25/7.0
Cover:EPP blackNominal voltage:230 V AC / 50 Hz
Weight:22 kgNominal output:3-45 W
KFE filling and drain valve:G3/4" ext. threadMax. conveying:max. 7 m
Solar filling nozzle (A):G3/4" ext. threadBuffer charging pumpYonos Para HU 25/7.0
Solar drain nozzle (B):G3/4" ext. threadNominal voltage:230 V AC / 50 Hz
Return flow buffer (C):G1" ext. threadNominal output:3-45 W
Flow buffer (D):G1" ext. threadMax. conveying:max. 7 m
Solar flow (E):G1" ext. threadPlate heat exchanger:glycol/water
Solar return flow (F):G1" ext. threadOutput:15 kW
Expanion tank nozzle (G):G3/4" ext. threadInlet temperature:60°C (Glycol) / 29°C (water)
Max. operating pressure:Collector circuit: max. 6 bar
Buffer circuit: max. 3 bar
Outlet temperature:35°C (Glycol) / 54°C (water)
Flow rate:500 l/h