HydroCon SOL 250

Intelligent Solar Pump Module for Immediate Installation

Pre-wired system module with integrated solar controller primos 250 SR
Two line pump module, pipe clearance 125 mm, equipped with Class A high-efficiency pump with PWM actuation. Supply line and return line ball cock with thermometer handle 0 – 160°C. The return line ball cock is equipped in addition with an adjustable gravity brake. An automatic permanent deaerator is used in the solar supply line. In the return line there is a lockable fill and rinse valve which is also used for measuring and setting the flow. Fully pre-wired with integrated control system.
Article Description
1401HS-SOL01-1B-G HydroCon SOL 250 7m, DN20, solar station

General Details


  • HE pump, Class A, delivery height 7 m, with PWM actuation
  • Fully insulated (ENEV)
  • System connections with ¾“ female thread (optionally 1“)
  • Compact design
  • 2 thermometers for indicating supply and return line temperature 0 – 160°C
  • Solar approved pressure relief valve – 6 bar
  • High temperature pressure gauge 0-10 bar
  • Wall bracket with wall mounting material
  • Pipe clearance 125 mm
  • Supply line and return line ball cock with thermometer handle
  • Integrated grandis 250 SR solar control system
  • Automatic permanent deaerator in the solar supply line
  • Plug-in bus connection
  • Return line ball cock with adjustable gravity brake
  • No other materials required
  • Fill and rinse valve in the return line
  • Flow indicator with flow setting


Technical Data

Technical Data Pump module

Nominal width:DN 20Max. operating pressure:10 bar
Clearance between supply line and return line:125 mmKvS value:3,3
Connection:3/4" on boiler and heating line sideDimensions incl. insulation:H x W x D in mm: 445 x 245 x 115
Pump connection:for pumps with 1" male thread, length 130 mmDelivery head:7 m
Temperature measuring range of analog indicators:0 - 160 °CMax. operating temperature:110 °C

Technical Data primos 250 SR

Operating voltage:AC 230 Volt, 50 Hz, –10 to +15 %Inputs:Temperature inputs for temperature sensors PT 1000 (protected by varistors), Measuring range (temperature): –30 °C to +250°C
Standby consumption:0,8 WProtection:Microfuse 5 x 20 mm, 2 A/T (2 Ampere/slow)
Outputs:Electronic semiconductor relay, 230 V AC, 50 Hz,
min. 10 mA, max. 150 W, with cos φ >=0,9
Ambient temperature:0 to +40 °C
Output R0:Relay, potential-free normally open contact,
max. 250 V AC / 1 A
Sotrage temperature:–10 to +60 °C
Control output for HE pumps:PWM signal: 1kHz, ViL < 0,5 V DC, ViH > 9 V DC, 10 mA max.
Analog signal: 0 …+10 V DC +/– 3%, 10 mA max.
Housing material:100 % recyclable ABS housing
Total output of all outputs:max. 300 WDimensions:L x W x D in mm 176 × 162 × 44
Interfaces:RS 485 for ProBus / ProBusXProtection class:IP30 according to DIN 40050, EN 60529