Flex 400

The flex 400 provides additional in- and outputs
for the controllers of the grandis series.

Thus the implementation of an additional heating circuit, a freshwater station, additional multi functional controllers or additional yield measurement (depends on controller
software) is possible.

Considerable time savings cause of no additional wiring and cabling.

Connection with:
grandis 600 SR:
connection of up to 2 flex 400
control of up to 3 heating circuits
grandis 650 HK:
connection of up to 4 flex 400
control of up to 6 heating circuits


  • 3 electronic outputs 230V/AC
  • 1 electronic control output analogue or PWM - digital signal
  • 4 temperature inputs for PT1000 sensors
  • 1 input for flow transmitter or Grundfos VFS
  • Robust housing
  • Minimum installation expenditures
  • Automatic initialization
  • High protection class
  • 1 Prozeda data bus interface for ProBusX
  • Customer specific pre-wiring (optional)