12.11.2015 / Plug & Play pump groups

Fast installation without wiring errors

Get to know our stations: Heating Circuit Mixer Module, Heating Circuit Module unmixed,  Standalone Heating Circuit Mixer Module, Solar Station

The heating circuit mixer module HydroFlexHKM200, the heating circuit module unmixed HydroFlexHKU200, the standalone heating circuit mixer module HydroConHKM200 and the solar station HydroConSOL250 are pre-wired, with integrated electronics and bus connection and ready to function in just a few steps:

1. Connect the stations with the controller via bus connection cable.
2. Set up of the bus - ID in the stations.
3. Activate the stations at the controller - done.

Your advantages:

  • No electrical work necessary
  • Minimum installation work
  • Faster completion of construction sites