Hydraulic stations HydroFlex DN25 with 3- or 4-way- mixer

We've expanded our range of hydraulic stations HydroFlex with new stations with connection DN 25. Either with 3-way- or 4-way-bivalent - mixer.

Mount - plug in - ready!


New models of pre-wired stations

Get to know the new house- and apartment station HydroCon HWS 20-650 and the new freshwater station HydroCon Fresh 115-400 with integrated control.

Mount - plug in - ready!


New versions of the grandis 650 for further applications

The system controller grandis 650 is now available in a version with Modbus interface or for the use of local and district heating stations


Fast installation without wiring errors

Get to know our stations: Heating Circuit Mixer Module, Heating Circuit Module unmixed,  Standalone Heating Circuit Mixer Module, Solar Station

grandis 650 HK - V2.0

The grandis 650 HK V2.0 has now the highest temperature control class. New innovative functions: screed heating program, comfort operation, up to three room temperature sensors per heating circuit, suitable to use with modulating heaters and much more ...


Intelligent Pump Groups

The pump groups of Prozeda with integrated electronics: pre-wired, Plug and Play. With bus connection and access to all data via Internet. Also with Modbus.


conexio 200 - one step ahead

conexio 200- one of the most popular products just got even better. The onlin data logging display is much faster now. More values in the diagram visualization: the room temperatures, the flex 400 yields and the signal outputs of the ECM pumps.


The Solareg II HE series

Basic HE, Energy HE und Vision plus HE+:

The reliable and efficient solar controllers optimized for working with circulator pumps with ECM technology.